Phil Madley

Encaustic Wax Artist

Tel: 01442 822398

Just wonderful to see a modern take on an ancient skill so well done
John Bly, September 2008

What Phil's clients have said:
Never seen anything like it
Very imaginative and original...
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About Encaustic Wax Art

Phil creates encaustic wax paintings using an iron, hot stylus and a paint stripper - strange but true! The technique seems modern but actually dates back to the ancients of Greece, Rome and Egypt. A heated palette, warmed over a charcoal fire was used to create an environment suitable for holding the colours in a liquid state. The mixtures seem to have consisted of pigment blended with bees wax and resins.

Examples of wax portraiture have been found in many Egyptian tombs in excellent condition, the portraits from Fayum are good examples of the style and can be seen in the British Museum. These works dramatically display the durability inherent in encaustic wax. It lasts a very long time.

Modern technology means we can use irons and other heat inducing tools to manipulate and control the coloured waxes. Once the picture is finished it is polished and a chemical sealer is then painted on, ensuring complete protection and colour fastness. In some of Phil's paintings a special metallic wax has been used which creates some fantastic effects if the painting is viewed from different angles or as the sunlight moves around a room.

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